Atmospheric Methane Removal

Supporting the healthy development of an emerging, potentially high-impact, climate field.

Atmospheric methane removal approaches are being researched to determine how methane, once in the atmosphere, can be broken down faster than with existing natural systems alone to help lower peak temperatures, and counteract some of the impact of large-scale natural systems methane releases.

Rising temperatures are increasing the risk of natural systems releasing methane, which would drive further warming.

Existing and expanding efforts towards reducing anthropogenic greenhouse gas emissions and removing atmospheric carbon dioxide are crucial, but may be insufficient to maximally decrease the chance of, and then possible impact of, these risks.

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Atmospheric methane removal approaches could help further mitigate climate risk, but are in early stages of research today.

Should any atmospheric methane removal approaches prove highly scalable, effective and safe, they could rapidly reduce warming once deployed at scale, helping to address some of the current 0.5°C—and rising—of methane-driven warming. All proposed atmospheric methane removal technologies are at a very early stage today: some ideas have been proposed, some are being researched in laboratories, but none are ready for deployment. Spark believes that accelerating research to develop and assess which, if any, of these technologies have the potential to be effective, safe, and scalable is crucial in building out the global climate risk management portfolio.

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Spark is working to grow the field of atmospheric methane removal to determine what approaches may be available, and ensure that any future solutions are appropriately integrated into the climate response ecosystem.

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Why Atmospheric Methane Removal?

Why researching atmospheric methane removal is an important climate response area.

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Potential Approaches

Learn more about potential approaches that are being evaluated for atmospheric methane removal.

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Principles in building the atmospheric methane removal field.

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We're looking for talented, strategic, climate-motivated, and scientifically-driven colleagues to join our team at Spark, across a number of areas, including the following roles related to the Methane Removal program:

US Policy Manager

Program Lead, Atmospheric Methane

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