Methane Removal Frequently Asked Questions

What is methane removal?
Why might methane removal be a helpful climate solution?
Can methane removal be used in place of methane emissions reduction?
What’s the current state of methane removal?
Is large-scale methane removal possible?
How much methane removal do we need?
Is methane removal permanent?
How much does methane removal cost?
How does methane removal interact with other strategies to tackle the climate crisis?
Why don't we just reduce methane emissions versus developing methane removal?
Can methane removal be used in place of carbon dioxide removal?
How is methane removed from the atmosphere today? What are the natural methane sinks?
Why would we want to oxidize methane if it only turns into carbon dioxide, another greenhouse gas?
What are the drivers of the current rise in atmospheric methane levels?
Methane’s atmospheric lifetime is only 9-12 years. Why would we need to remove it when it’s going to remove itself soon anyway?
Can the same problems that methane removal potentially solve already be solved by carbon dioxide removal?
When will these approaches be available?
How big is the methane removal research field?
How can we ensure methane removal is done responsibly and safely?
What do we need next for methane removal?
How could methane removal be paired with carbon dioxide removal? Could we just add methane sorbents or solvents to direct air capture systems?
How much overlap is there between methane removal approaches and mitigation options, for example around landfills, rice paddies and dairy barns?
What kind of approaches are being explored for methane removal?
Why pursue strategies to oxidize (break down) atmospheric methane instead of adsorbing, separating, or concentrating the methane as is done with carbon dioxide?  

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