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About Spark

What will it take to return to a safe, stable climate? What are the missing solutions, responses, knowledge bases, and organizational structures that will enable us to get there, and how do we start building for them now?

Spark is a new, well-funded non-profit organization accelerating progress in under-developed, high-potential solutions and responses that are crucial to the comprehensive portfolio that will allow us to return to a safe climate. 

As a field-building organization, Spark creates holistic strategies, orchestrating and driving action, using multiple levers such as funding scientific research and policy advocacy, to shape the long-term trajectory of the field to accelerate meaningful climate impact. Spark is steadfastly focused on climate impact at a meaningful scale. To that end, we think big, and are always looking for what the most additive, highest-leverage work we can do is. 

Our team has deep expertise in science, engineering, and climate-focused philanthropy. Spark’s funders include the Grantham Foundation, Quadrature Climate Foundation, Astera Institute, Climate Pathfinders Foundation, Additional Ventures, and the Bernard and Anne Spitzer Charitable Trust.

Position Summary

Spark seeks a Program Lead for the Atmospheric Methane Program to advance this new field, including developing and executing on strategic roadmaps, managing the internal team, growing the community needed to develop scalable, effective, and safe atmospheric methane removal, and directing funding to support the advancement of science and policy.

Addressing atmospheric methane by shortening its lifetime could be a critical additional tool to limit near-term warming, and be able to mitigate some of the impact of elevated natural methane emissions. This position is an opportunity to play a pivotal role in defining a new climate field, and shaping its development to be a scientifically-driven, well-accepted, and fully-climate-system integrated climate response in the global climate risk management portfolio. This role will be highly interdisciplinary, taking science, engineering, talent, society, economics, and policy into account to advance the field across every dimension. Spark is looking for a candidate who is deeply motivated by climate action and is excited to interface with a broad range of internal and external stakeholders to change what’s possible for climate action.


  • Own and drive a strategy that supports the healthy development of atmospheric methane removal as part of a larger climate solution ecosystem, with robust science, social license, responsible governance, and appropriate funding
  • Drive strategic and collaborative efforts in field building, including spinning up new programs internal to Spark, partnering with other organizations, and potentially seeding new organizations where needed
  • Lead and manage a small team to research and author roadmaps for the overall solutions ecosystems, including well-researched and supported recommendations for RD&D topics, policy changes, and public communication efforts
  • Build relationships with science, policy, and philanthropic partners in this and other climate solutions areas to collaborate on roadmaps, research agendas, and granting opportunities
  • Serve as a subject matter expert and area advocate to other organizations and funders getting involved in the space
  • Identify key adjacent areas to support in order to most comprehensively address under-resourced, high-leverage approaches to near-term warming mitigation, and natural systems feedback avoidance and response


  • 7+ years of combined professional experience
  • 3+ years of program and/or people management experience
  • Proven understanding of climate action and how other climate solution spaces have been shaped, particularly in new and complex areas
  • Scientific literacy and comfort working with scientific material and collaborating with leading scientists in a given field
  • Experience initiating and  running projects and complex work tracks across disciplines in academia, consulting, or business environments
  • Proven understanding of how policy and governance can accelerate a field
  • Excellent written, speaking/presentation, and interpersonal communication skills to engage effectively with internal and external stakeholders
  • Driven to continuously learn more about the climate problem and help drive solutions
  • Flexibility, creativity, and tenacity
  • Fluency in English
Preferred Attributes
  • Insatiably curious and enjoys the process of seeking to be continuously less wrong
  • Systems-thinker, who can both dig into the details of a specific science or policy proposal, and zoom out to the big picture to see what’s missing in a field, moving comfortably among fundamental science, technological potentials/limits, and broader social and policy implications
  • Are humble and collaborative
  • Action-oriented and have business or consulting experience to draw from
  • Strong written and oral communicators, and consistently synthesize complex topics and systems
  • Can quickly evaluate the strengths, weaknesses, and untested potential of different technical, scientific, social, and political approaches to climate challenges
  • Have experience leading and mentoring high potential people with varying backgrounds
  • Have proven abilities of working collaboratively, effectively, and efficiently in ways that prioritize and center empathy and equity
  • Excited to stay dedicated to the field for years to come


  • Able to work as a W2 employee for a US non-profit.
  • At least 4 overlapping work hours with US Pacific time work day (9a-5pm PT).


As with all positions at Spark Climate Solutions, this will be 100% remote. Employees can work anywhere within the United States, or internationally with approval. Our center of gravity is in the SF Bay Area, with a possible option (not requirement) of some in-person work later in 2022.


These are all full-time positions with benefits. The salary range is $150,000-$200,000 / year.  In addition, Spark Climate Solutions provides exceptional benefits including flexible PTO, sick time, holidays, generous health insurance coverage, 401(k) with employer match, and full-covered dental/vision/life insurance, and parental leave

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