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February 14, 2023

ERL Focus on Methane Drawdown Special Issue Grant Opportunity

Spark Climate Solutions is offering 10 grants of up to $20,000 each for submissions to an upcoming ERL special feature on methane mitigation. Recipients will be chosen based on a combination of their funding need and the impact of the proposed work. Researchers from non-OECD countries or those focused on market development, deployment considerations, policy, and/or the social sciences will be given preference.

To apply for this grant, please submit a <3000 character abstract describing the work you plan to do and a <1000 character explanation of why it is valuable to the special issue by February 27, 2023 here. If the proposal is accepted by the grant committee, you will receive the grant amount less $2,000 upon award, and then an additional $2,000 to cover publication fees upon acceptance to the journal, if the submission is received before July 31st, 2023. Initial funding is not dependent on the paper being accepted by ERL. All applicants will hear back by March 7.

If your <3000 character proposal is not accepted by the grant committee, you are still free to submit your work to the special issue. If the submitted work is accepted, and you fit the criteria above, Spark will pay publication fees upon request for researchers from non-OECD countries, and those focused on market development, deployment considerations, policy, and/or the social sciences.

In collaboration with researchers in the field, to spur ideas, Spark has developed a list of research ideas related to methane oxidation and removal that would help to accelerate that field. This is far from an exhaustive list, and Spark will consider grants outside of these specific ideas. You can contact us at

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