Recommendations for the 2023 Farm Bill

Agricultural innovation is urgently needed to address climate change, and develop solutions that can be scaleably and rapidly deployed. The US has an opportunity to lead through 2023 Farm Bill research funding and capacity-building.

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Catalyzing US Leadership in Livestock Enteric Methane

Cattle exhale as much greenhouse gas methane in the United States as its fossil fuel infrastructure leaks. Developing anti-methane solutions could simultaneously improve cattle productivity by about 6%, and globally avoid 0.25°C of global temperature increase in 2100.

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Earth Day in the year of the Farm Bill

Earth Day reminds us of the importance of the soil, water and air upon which our health, prosperity and food security depend. The good news is that, on average, humans are better nourished now than at any time in human history, although nearly 1 billion people are still undernourished. The bad news is that our agricultural achievements have come as the expense of extensive air and water pollution and a changing climate.

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