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Program Manager, Atmospheric Oxidation Enhancement

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About Spark Climate Solutions

Spark Climate Solutions is accelerating progress in emerging climate fields, towards repairing the climate. Spark focuses on high-leverage, under-resourced solution areas and takes a systems approach, collaboratively working with experts and other stakeholders, to accelerate these fields by building strategic roadmaps, providing research funding, seeding new organizations, and communicating with the public. Spark’s first focus area is accelerating solutions for near-term warming management, starting with enteric fermentation mitigation and methane removal. Our team has deep expertise in science, engineering, and climate-focused philanthropy. Spark’s funders include the Grantham Foundation, Quadrature Climate Foundation, Astera Institute, Climate Pathfinders Foundation, and Additional Ventures.

Spark seeks a Program Manager, Atmospheric Oxidation Enhancement to develop, and support execution on, a scientific roadmap to better understand the oxidative capacity of the atmosphere and whether it is feasible and safe to enhance that capacity to remove atmospheric methane. Engaging with the scientific community, you will develop a research agenda for potential approaches to atmospheric oxidation enhancement, and the supporting science needed to ensure safety and efficacy, such as climate and aerosol modeling and measurement and monitoring capability. You will manage a science-funding program; design the program, make funding decisions, and work with stakeholders and collaborators to unblock continued scientific progress.

Approaches to methane removal could be critical to mitigating the impact of methane-emitting natural feedbacks and tipping points. To unlock methane removal as a potential set of solutions, Spark supports the best science and technology teams in the world to assess the feasibility and safety of various methane removal pathways. Alongside this, we invest in the community, policy, tools, and permitting frameworks to enable transparent and iterative scientific work to build the broader field of methane removal.



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This is a full-time position with benefits. The salary range is $100,000-$150,000 / year, depending on experience and location.  In addition, Spark Climate Solutions provides exceptional benefits including flexible PTO, sick time, holidays, generous health insurance coverage, 401(k) with employer match, and full-covered dental/vision/life insurance, and parental leave.


As with all positions at Spark Climate Solutions, this will be 100% remote. Employees can work anywhere within the United States, or internationally with approval. Our center of gravity is in the SF Bay Area, with a possible option (not requirement) of some in-person work later in 2022.

Apply here via our recruiting partner CEA